Last updated June 1, 2011
Standing on the Rooftop
Release date June 14, 2011
| Martha, My Dear
| The Kind You Can't
| The Things I've Seen
| Fickle Dove
| Lay Your Sleeping Head,
      My Love
| Standing On the Rooftop
| I Threw It All Away
| Love In Vain
| Don't Pick A Fight With
      A Poet
| Meet Me In Rio
| Ophelia
| The Way Of All Things
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"I have been building on the relationships I developed in co-writing, and something new has taken hold of me," Peyroux says. "This project is meant to be a wider dreamscape than previous recordings. I'm interested in exploring tougher sounds, even ugly sounds... trying to find something more raw than the voice that I have now, and in the accompaniment that I have become used to."

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