Last updated Apr 9, 2011
Is this Madeleine's official web site?
No - this is a fan web site for Madeleine. Although I do get information from Madeleine and her management from time to time this site is an independent venture and I am solely responsible for the content and any errors on the site.
What is the official Madeleine web site
When will Madeleine have another CD available?
Madeleine's fifth CD, "Standin' On The Rooftop" is scheduled to be released in June 2011
How can I book Madeleine for my club, organization etc?
Can I write a review for a Madeleine performance and get on the website?
Yes, just email your review to the webmaster. Your review may be edited for spelling and grammar. It may also be edited to fit available space.

We reserve the right not to publish a submitted review for any reason.
I have pictures from a Madeleine performance, can I get them published in the 'Photo Gallery'
Yes, send an to email the webmaster to work out how I can get the pictures. I resize most pictures to to 160 x 120 for thumbnails and 640 x 480 for enlarged versions. All rights to the pictures are retained by you and the only right the site has is to put them on the site. Note however that I can not control others from downloading the pictures once they are displayed on the site.

We reserve the right not to publish submitted pictures for any reason.
Why isn't Madeleine's performance in my area up on the website?
We get information about Madeleine's performances from many sources. Sometimes you may hear about a performance before we do. If a performance is not on the website, email the webmaster and if the information can be verified it will be published on the site.

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