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got you on my mind

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Topic: got you on my mind
Posted By: higglety
Subject: got you on my mind
Date Posted: March 28 2005 at 9:19pm
Hello friends,

First of all thanks Rich. I finally figured out how to post! And
thanks for restoring our freedom of speech (For you all
who were wondering, it was NOT Rich who banned this topic.)

I am wondering if anyone saw the article about the lawsuit
against Rounder in the Boston Herald from March 9th. Very
interesting. According to this story, Rounder Records is being
sued for threatening record companies that wantd to sell or
distribute "Got You On My Mind" just because they didnt want it
to compete with "Careless Love". That would be bad.

I have both Cd's and I think they're both great. I bought "Got
You" on, so i guess it's being sold after all, but if
the accusations are true, that's pretty wretched behavior on
Rounder's part. Could that be why this topic has been banned
'til now? Hey Rounder, you listening? or Madeleine for that
matter....Can you enlighten us please? Tell us it ain't so. In
any case, anyone else been bummed out about being
on this topic?

Also, in all the interviews I've seen, Madeleine says she didn't
record anything between Dreamland and Careless love, and
that's weird. I mean "Got you on my mind" is a terrific album,
even if Madeleine doesn't sing on every tune. According to the
notes, it was recorded almost two years before "Careless Love"
came out. Are we in parallel universes or something?

In my humble opinion, Got You on my mind is not as polished
as "careless Love, but it has a lot more more fire and
Madeleine sounds wonderful as usual on the seven songs she
sings .I think Galison is about the best harmonica player I've
ever heard (and not a bad guitarist). i generally don't love
harmonica, but this guy takes it to a whole different level and he
and Madeleine have a definite vibe. For me, the most moving
moment on the record for me is when they sing together on the
song "Got you on my mind". If your reading this, Maddy, "Got
You on my Mind" is nothing to be ashamed of. Get it out there,

I will say this, I've worked in sound for years, and if nothing
else, the sound quality of "Got You" is better than Careless
Love". It;s actually really well recorded, while CL sounds a little
muted and compressed on my system (which is a good one).
Other than that CL is georgeous, and Madeleine sings like an

Anybody else have Got You on my Mind? Do I have the only

Does anybody know more about this lawsuit?

Anybody know where Galison is playing? His website seems to
be neglected- he needs a Rich Hansen!

Enquiring minds want to know!



PS: I've heard two cuts from "Got you on My Mind" in Starbucks
recently, so I guess i'm not the only one who likes it..


Posted By: something
Date Posted: March 30 2005 at 3:42pm
dear higglety,
i have heard got you on my mind with friends and found it lacking in
some obvious places. Do you really like Galison's singing on 'Heaven Help
Us All'? And I find there are a lot of things lacking in the additional tunes,
like continuity with the rest of the record with madeline's songs for
example. all in all, i like it of course, but wouldn't give it your high
praises. -glad to hear your thoughts. --ss

Posted By: higglety
Date Posted: March 30 2005 at 4:18pm
Hey ss,

I agree that Galison is not a singer on the level of Madeleine,
but he sings with sincerity and he's not off key. His
performance on "heaven help us All" is heartfelt and nicely
phrased. Actually, I think that's not Madeleine's strongest
performance and it's not my favorite track on the CD.

Regarding the "additional tracks", I think "Flambee
montalbanese" is a little masterpiece. Not only is it probably the
best harmonica performance i've ever heard, but the whole
arrangement is brilliant. (though i don't think Galison arranged
it!). I also think that the french cabaret flavor fits really nicely
into the flow oof the CD.

"Rag For Madi" is just a great tune, with a very cool interplay of
harmonica and clarinet and a terriffic ragtime groove. I mean
Shawn Pelton's on drums and Tony garnier on bass, so what
do you expect? I think it's very cool that Galison dedicated this
to Madeleine.

"jealous Guy" is simple, definitely heartfelt, and well played,
but it doesn't knock me out. I'm not sure if I like Galison's vocal
line at the end or not. Doesn't bother me.

"Shoulda Known" rocks as far as i'm concerned. The way the
frog sounds morph into the Bass harmonica is a great piece of
production, and the guitar/ wurlitzer solo is right on the money.
Again, galison is no pavarotti, but he gets across the lyrics
(which are pretty funny, and have extra meaning since I read
that "Boston Herald" article). cool to hear Carly on that one too.

I'm not saying that Got You is a better record than Careless. No
question it's a rougher production. but Madelaine sings her ass
off on "Playin" and 'Got You on mmy mind' and a few other
tracks and Galison is a talented son of a gun.

Het gotta run.. thanks for the input!



Posted By: baranroma
Date Posted: March 31 2005 at 7:13am
Hi there,

I do have a copy of 'Got you on my Mind' and did try to post a comment
on this album back in the early days of this forum. It was taken down
which annoyed me, so I am glad the decision was (finally) reversed.

I have also been perplexed as to why Madeleine never mentions this
project in any of her interviews as it is certainly nothing to be ashamed
of. I guess the Boston Herald piece goes towards clearing this up a bit. If
all that Galison says is true it's certainly nasty tactics on Rounder's part,
especially as they pride themselves on being an 'indie'.

Anyway as for the merits of 'Got You On My Mind' I couldn't agree more
with higglety. It's a gem, and a quick whizz round the net sees many
critics saying the same thing. I would also go as far to say as it has less of
a contrived quality to it than Careless Love, and overall Madeleine sounds
more joyous and relaxed. As for Galison he is obviously a great musician
with a voice not unlike Paul Simon's, and I love the way the two
complement each other on this work. You can really feel them working
together to produce some great, very memorable music.

But of course this is all down to personal taste. All I can really say is that
Madeleine fans should check it out. Two of the tracks are repeated on
'Careless Love', but treated quite differently, so don't let that put you off.

And yes, what has Galison been up to (musically that is)? It would be great
to have some news from him and any future projects he may have coming

cheers, Baranroma

Posted By: judith
Date Posted: April 06 2005 at 10:38am

I just listened to the new version of "Got You On My Mind". Oh, I
like it VERY much! I had already had the version that I bought
from madeleine at the Tin Angel, but it only had seven songs.
First of all, the seven songs sound bettter on this CD (i think
they were "remixed' or something). Madeleine sounds so lovely
on "J'ais Deux Amours"- I must say i like this version better than
the one on "Careless Love".

As for the four additional songs I agree with Mr. Higglety for
the mostpart.

I do wonder if "Shoulda Known" has to do with this strange
behavior by Madeleine. The final verse says "I met her
downtown in a bleeker street bar, serenading some drunks for
the tips in a jar" which sounds like the story of how Wiilliam and
Madeleine met. The last line is very funny- it goes "If the point
of this tale's not entirely plain, know that happily ever after ain't
the final refrain"

Well, I hope the ver final refraon is happier than the present
situation. In any case, it would be gracious of Madeleine to
explain to her fans what really happened with "Got You On My
Mind'. Oh Madeleine, will you speak to us?

Yours truly,


Posted By: judith
Date Posted: April 06 2005 at 11:56am
Oh my. I just realized that I reffered to Higglety as Mr. Higglety.
Please forgive if it is Ms. Higgelty or Mrs. Higglety!


Posted By: higglety
Date Posted: April 06 2005 at 6:14pm
Dear Mr Judith,

It is MR. Higglety, but you can call me Higgs.

I know what it means to miss New Orleans. I've been to
Donna's too and heard spme great stuff. Shannon Powell is
one of the greats, plays with Ellis Marsalis among many others.
Is Galison living in new orleans now? you can PM me with
more info.



Posted By: ChiJazzman
Date Posted: April 07 2005 at 7:20am
I completely agree that Shannon is a great drummer, he spent several year's touring with Harry Connick, Jr. Judith- the Kermit you mentioned seeing with Shannon is
Kermit Ruffins. He's a fantastic trumpet player and singer, much in the style of his idol, Louis Armstrong. Kermit was a founding member of the Rebirth Brass Band and has for the last several year's his own Band - Kermit Ruffins and the Barbeque Swingers.<br>
Madeleine has been getting some good airplay up here in Chicago on WXRT 93.1. I'm very excited about seeing her at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. She's also suppose to be in Chicago in June. Hopefully Madeleine will be able to hang out in New Orleans for a few day's.
It would be incredible to see her sit in with Kermit and his band or even record together. Every Thursday night Kermit and his band plays in New Orleans at a place called Vaughan's -that's the place to see him. In between sets, there's free red beans and rice or Kermit starts to barbeque - hence the name the Barbeque Swinger's. Kermit is going to be in Chicago on April 16th and I'm going to hang out with him and have him listen to Madeleine's Cd.
Can't wait to see her!

Posted By: judith
Date Posted: April 07 2005 at 1:19pm
Thank you Mr. Chijazzman! I didn't realize the musicians
William played with were so famous- only that they were
magnificent. I'll keep my eyes out for Mr. Ruffins. Oh, when you
see him, ask him about the harmonica player at Donna's. Pity
we won't be back in Nola for the festival. Please report!


Posted By: Mon027
Date Posted: April 10 2005 at 2:35pm

Hi everyone. I am writing from Santiago de Compostela, a very old city in Galicia, NW of Spain. It was here where I on 21st April 1997 I got into a record shop and came across what I thought was an interesting record. I didn't know anything about MP then. It was having a look at the credits that I thought I had to listen to the record. Of course it was DREAMLAND and of course I bought it and immediately fell in love with that voice. I loved every second and every note on the album. Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge of music than me would tell me about its imperfections, if there are any. I would not mind. My love for it would not diminish and I would gently answer I love those so-called imperfections. After frustrating years of wait I finally found out Careless Love was being released by Rounder. I ordered my copy through the net as I didn't want to wait 6 further months until it came out here. It was then when I found Got You On My Mind. I love both records and I cannot think of any MP fan who would not want to get both albums. Careless Love is a dream of an album and it immediately became an important part of the soundtrack of my life and so did the heartfelt and honest effort that the magnificent Got You On My Mind is. Most artists would sell their souls to the devil or kill for making an album like that so I can hardly understand why so much controversy and trouble. The fact that so many gifted and talented musicians have gathered to create these songs, this music, should be enough to just enjoy the music and let the world know about it.

Thanks a lot for reading...

Posted By: baranroma
Date Posted: April 10 2005 at 3:30pm
Dear Mon027,

well what a conicidence! I didn't mention this in my
last post but I am also writing from Spain, albeit on
the other side from the ciudad condal....

can i perhaps speak for both of us then when I say
could either Madeleine or William Galison not forget
Spain when planning their next European tour? We
always seem to get left out of the loop here..

and really liked you thoughts in your post..yes, why
all the fuss when such lovely music is at stake?
surely there are enough conflicts in the world

saludos, baranroma

Posted By: Mon027
Date Posted: April 11 2005 at 4:43am

Dear baranroma,

I do hope I can see them play live one day...but I'm afraid it won't be here in Galicia. If you compare the number of concerts and musical events here to the busy schedule of Barcelona you would understand me... there's a 3 year old Jazz festival in the area, maybe that way in the summertime... Or maybe Vitoria, Donostia ... but that is quite far from this remote but extremely beautiful place.

Who knows day I came across a guy who really looked like the late Johnny Copeland here in Santiago. 10 minutes later a friend of mine gave me a ticket for a concert that night. It was Johnny Copeland and let me tell you it was one of the greatest ever gigs I attended.  I hope to have a bifg surprise like that one one day...

Posted By: alex
Date Posted: May 09 2005 at 3:15pm
I read the article about "I got you on my mind" in jazzpolice.
What a shame. I don't get why two records are not better than

Personally, I prefer "Careless Love" because Madeline is on
every song, but I bought "got you on my mind" from amazon
and I like that one too, Its not as pretty, but its more peppy!!

One record for the evening and one for the morning, that's how
i see it.

Is Madeline going to play in Peurto Rico? Quando?

Posted By: higglety
Date Posted: May 12 2005 at 7:17am
Well, well.... I took a vacation from this board for a while, but it
looks as though I'm not the only one interested in this topic---
nearly 1000 hits!.

Some thoughts:

Kudos to Rich for putting "Got You on my mind" on the
madeleinepeyroux.ORG website discography. (I wonder how
many people realize that there are two Madeleine sites?

Thanks to the fans that backed me up on this. Democracy
in action!

I recommend that people check out that article.
It seems to get to the bottom of this miserable business
regarding "Got You on my mind".

I just sort of wish Rounder and Madeleine would say
SOMETHING in their defense. (Otherwise, I guess they deserve
what they'll get in court). (c'mon guys!)

Looks like Maddy is in Australia. They should love her over

Best to y'all,

Huggs from


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