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A little bit (video clip)

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Topic: A little bit (video clip)
Posted By: Lucian11
Subject: A little bit (video clip)
Date Posted: May 01 2007 at 10:08am
Was this video clip released?? I think I saw it on tv but I can't seam to find it anywhere esle!! Am I going insane?? I also think that Rachel Hurd-Wood was staring in it but I can't seam to find anything about that on any Rachel site either!! Can someone tell me what is going on and where can I find the video clip??

Posted By: Daisy
Date Posted: May 01 2007 at 12:19pm


I found the video of A little bit on You Tube and provided the link in an earlier posting.

I just tried it and found that it no longer takes you to the link and the clip does not even come up when you do a search on Madeleine's name.  Very curious.

As for the details of its release and the actress featured I am afraid I no nothing.  I was surprised to find it on You Tube. 

I will try and scour the internet to see if I can come up with other links.

Best, Daisy 


Posted By: Lucian11
Date Posted: May 01 2007 at 12:48pm


I was really glad
when I found your link but it doesn't work and so I decided to open this thread!! That video clip is like a ghost!! I saw it once on the tv and after that it disappeared, I canít find it anywhere!!! Sometimes I wonder if I ever saw it or I dreamed about it! Isnít it a video clip about a waitress in a French cafť? That gorgeous girl portraying the waitress is Rachel Hurd-Wood!


Posted By: Love_Soup
Date Posted: May 01 2007 at 2:52pm

Hi Daisy and Lucian,


The 'A Little Bit' video was on You Tube for about a week as I had it embedded on MySpace and then all of a sudden it was inaccessible!  I think this will be a copyright issue, after all it's Madie's work and if it's freely available to view ... why would anybody buy it?  


I am a MySpace fanatic and if you're familiar with how it works you will be aware that there are lots of sites that offer codes which allow you to create links to video sites like You Tube.  I absolutely love the 'Don't Wait Too Long' video and I have found that many sites offer codes for this video but on further investigation the links are all broken!  The only place as far as I can tell this video is free to view is at Madie's official website.  I think that the reason the official videos disappear is because of copyright law.


I love the 'A Little Bit' video too and although it's now gone from You Tube, I'm glad at least I had the chance to view it!


Strangely, the 'I'm Alright' video has been available on You Tube for ages ?  I have no idea why this should be but maybe it's a marketing decision by MP's management company?  Does anybody else on here have any idea?


Anyway, these are my thoughts on the disappearance of 'A Little Bit' from You Tube! 




Luce x -