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Mar 3, 2007 - Atlanta Playlist & Notes

Printed From: Madeleine Peyroux
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Topic: Mar 3, 2007 - Atlanta Playlist & Notes
Posted By: dasher
Subject: Mar 3, 2007 - Atlanta Playlist & Notes
Date Posted: March 03 2007 at 8:04pm

Just came from the show....more details Monday!!


All right, it is Monday mid-morning and I am ready to give the big analysis of her show here in Atlanta this past Saturday...keeping the immortal words of Bob Dylan in my mind ("Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything") I offer you this:

First off, the show had an opening act that played for a half hour.  His name was Ron Sexsmith and he played solo guitar.  He was ok.

Madeleine came out around 9:10 and started out "with a dirty old man song by Leonard Cohen".  This was Blue Alert.

1.  Blue Alert

I made notes during the concert to point out to myself the songs she and the band really rocked on, and "Don't Cry Baby" was the first one.

2.  Don't Cry Baby

Between most of the songs, Madeleine provided a small commentary about songs and whatnot, for the next song she mentioned that this one was sung for the Democratic party in '04.

3.  Don't Wait Too Long

4.  Everybody's Talking

This next song rocked very well...

5.  A Little Bit

The next song had a bit of a country & western vibe to it, I don't know if Madeleine & Co. did this deliberately since they were in the South, but it certainly had a C&W vibe to it.

6.  Lookin' For The Heart Of Saturday Night

This next song was played in a nice bossa-nova style...

7.  Half The Perfect World

Even though it was sung in French, this next song rocked.

8.  La Javanaise

So did this one....

9.  I'm Alright

This next song rocked too, with three lovely solos from the band.

10.  Weary Blues

I didn't recognize this song, but it rocked, with the drummer (Darren Beckett) playing a nice solo.

11.  "I Hear Music" - (Didn't Recognize This One)

These next three songs were mellow, not rocking...

12.  "I Think It's Going To Rain" (See Above)

13.  Dance Me To The End Of Love

14.  Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

This song rocked...

15.  Careless Love

I've always liked "Smile".  I think it's a nice song.

16.  Smile

For the encore, just one song.

Encore:  Walking After Midnight.


I know I may ruffle some feathers in this forum, but here's my take on Madeleine and her show...

I was extremely excited to see the show.  When she and the band came out, they played very well together.  The drummer, keyboard player (James Beard), and guitar player (John Harrington) really played great solos, sounding excellent.  The guitar and piano were given the most solos, with the drummer playing with brushes most of the time.  I enjoyed his technique - he was great!  The bass player (Johnannes Veitemuller (check my spelling)) was fine.  He only got one solo in the show and was otherwise steady in holding down the beat.

Madeleine looked good and appeared to be in good spirits.  There was nothing timid about her demeanor or voice.  She sounded strong and confident.  She played for an hour and a half.

A couple of things bothered me a little bit about this show, and here they are...

1.  During the introduction of the band, she said "we're all from New York".  I thought she was from Athens, Georgia.  I thought she'd throw a little bone out there for the audience, but did not.

2.  She only played one song from "Dreamland", and that was the encore.  My girlfriend and I were eager to hear "Was I" and "Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter", not to mention a few others.  It seems as if she is distancing herself from "Dreamland".  Maybe she is burnt out from it?  At any rate, see my Bob Dylan quote above...

Posted By: Pete
Date Posted: March 07 2007 at 11:47am
Thanks for the review of Madeleine's show in Atlanta.
Generous of you to take the time to share your thoughts and reactions. I have seen Madeleine perform a number of times now in the UK - loved all her shows. Each show has been different in small subtle ways.

I also have come away from each of her peformances liking or preferring different bits of the show. Sometimes - she excels on a few songs at other times it is different songs that strike a chord with me. That is why I never bore of going to see her.

As for the few things that bothered you about the show in Atlanta. Neither of them strike me as particular bothersome things. Where is Madeleine from? Well when you read her bio you learn she was born in Georgia and then as far as I can tell she grew up briefly in California, then in Brooklyn, Paris and then back to New York where she lives now. So if you grow up as a kid somewhere and then you live somewhere surely it is legit for her to claim to be from NY.    Dreamland - well I guess she is touring on the back of her new album so that is forming the bulk of her play list for her concerts and then most audiences want to hear Carless Love too and there is only so much you can fit into one performance. My experience is that Madeleine draws on Dreamland tracks in her encores. So far I have heard her sing 'Walking After Midnight' and 'La Vie en Rose' as encores.

Thanks again for sharing your views from Atlanta.
Cheers, Pete

Posted By: dasher
Date Posted: March 08 2007 at 8:26am

Hi Pete -

I hear you re: fitting all the music into one show; it certainly can be difficult given only an hour and a half.  Still, it would have been nice...

Regarding my observation about her not acknowledging being "from Georgia", you certainly make a point, especially when it comes to a family that has moved around as much as hers has.  Nonetheless, it is always one's birthplace that will never change.  I'm sure if you were to move to Chicago, you'd most certainly identify yourself as "living in Chicago" and "being from England" (unless you got tired of everyone always guessing by your accent that you were from Austrailia, Scotland, or Ireland and just chose one at random to mess with people).

I myself was born in Indiana, but have been here in Georgia for the past 21 years.  Still, I take pride in being from Indiana and am always eager to meet someone else from "back home".  To each his own though, right?

Enjoy the show when she comes to England, Pete.  I managed to get autographs from the piano player, guitar player, and drummer.  Hopefully you will do me one better and get the elusive MP !!


Posted By: HunterB
Date Posted: March 12 2007 at 10:09am
My wife and I walked out of MP's show here in Charleston last night. After
subjecting us to an unannounced warmup act, Ron Sexsmith, who was an
able guitarist and an amiable, gracious person, but whose lyrics consisted
mainly of a strung-together compilation of seemingly every cliche one
seems ever to have heard, Miss Peyroux decided to finally grace the
audience with her presence after about a 45-minute wait. The audience
grew so restless for the show to begin that several times we begin
clapping in unison. The second time this occurred--and Charlestonians
are famously polite--a few catcalls were heard. Our reward once MP
appeared on stage? A half-hearted, "Sorry you had to wait. I was learning
a song. . . You do have a bar here don't you [referring to the venue]?" I
may be paraphrasing slightly, but that's the gist of it. At another point,
she responded to the audience's mediocre applause by asking, "Is that
ALL you've got for me? Come on!" Throughout the show she made wry,
sarcastic comments about the host city that was paying her handsomely
to appear (a point she grossly pointed out), at one time asking, "So what
do you folks do here all day? Shop?" Anyway, I have an unwritten rule not
to pay good money to be insulted by what we in Charleston call "Come
y'uhs"--the Gullah word for interloping Carpet Baggers, especially since I
can get that for "free" from all the ones who are moving here from Ohio
(on the bright side, at least they pay taxes, I suppose). Miss Peyroux is
frequently compared with Billy H. She may have approximated a fair vocal
imitation, but I understand that Miss Billie always played the gracious
guest to those who hosted her. Miss Peyroux could learn from her

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